Barb Wire

Prison_20Fence_201Traditional barbed wire has been used since then and is still used today. It’s made from 2 strands of mild steel wires that are twisted together. These wires range from 12 to 14 gauge. Steel barbs are attached to the wire and has either two or four points depending on the usage. The lowest strand usually is set at no more than 1 foot from the ground and the top strand is ran at about 4ft from the ground. Local law may dictate fence design. barb

Barbed wire fencing is primarily used for containing cattle. It is often used in many pastures for cattle, and is used in conjuntion with woven wire to discourage cattle from reaching over the top of a fence. Barbed wire is not advised for horses and is considered poor fence management. It it not recommened for any animal with thin skin.

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