What Are The Uses For Barb Wire Fence?

Barbed Wire comes in a variety of sytles made by variouse manufacturerers. The use of 2 or 4 point barbed wire varies among many farmers and Ranchers. Barb wire is great for containing cattle.

Traditional barb wire has been used since the late 19th century and is made from two mild wires that are twisted together. Steel barbs are attached to every so often with either 2 or 4 Points.

One of the main reasons you would like to have a barbed wire fence is for containment. It can be used in a both human and nonhuman situations. Barbed wire is commonly used to contain animals on farms the wire prevents livestock from getting away and also keeps Farmers from losing large amounts of money. Some barbed wire fences have electricity attached making them extra secure.

Prisons also commonly use barbed wire and or razor wire as a deterrent, to keep prisoners from escaping. This creates a psychological effect. The Army as well uses a large amount of barb wire for training exercises all over the country it is a popular way of being able to simulate combat conditions.