Razor Wire

Prison_20Fence_201Razor Wire is named after its appearance, but it is not actually razor sharp. Dont get stuck by the points of a razor wire, because they are very sharp and made to rip flesh and grab  clothing. It is made with a mesh of metal strips that have sharp egdes, the sole purpose is to prevent passage by anyone.

Razor wire gives a large psychological deterrent effect, in that, it will inflict major cuts to any unwanted individual attempting passage into unwanted areas. Razor wire is widely used in many are where security forces need more time to respond. It is generally used to slow down the tresspasser by making it difficult to gain entry. Even with tools, the meer design of razor wires core hardened steel strip that is often under tension, would lash and unfurl any attempts at cutting.barb

Razor wire or barbed tape comes in a somewhat limited variety. You can get straight wire or spiral concertina wire. It is manufactured in stainless steel as to avoid rusting the razors to blunt points. Typically you will find the core wire is galvanized. Fully stainless is available for more permanent installations or for installation where constant moisture is an issue.

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